Huawei solar inverter


I suggest to build a plugin for the solar inverter from Huawei.
The comunication can be made through Modbus TCP.

Of course that I’m going to collaborate in any way I can, including making a donation.

Thank you,


Hi dear,

I found anything about this solar inverter, do you have a link do discover what the is ?

I believe there is a topic on the forum about modbus plugin.

Don’t know where it’s at since I don’t use it.

Sorry for the delay!!!

Here you have a link with the datasheet.

Thanks for your interest!

Yes, there’s a plugin about modbus, but currently is not compatible.

This family of inverters are the best sellers, and having a dedicated plugin would be great.

@cdrikd modify a plugin and have the data from Huawei inverter, coud you explain your modif on plugin?