Hi all, Door management with Smart Implant feedback

Hello forum,

I’m coming to you because I can’t make my project come true, which however seems simple to me.

I am a beginner with Jeedom.

My project is as follows: To be able to open remotely from my phone a door equipped with an electric lock and also to have feedback on the state of it (open or closed).

I have :

a Fibaro Smart Implant module
from Jeedom on pc
of Jeedom on android
NO-NF-COM wired opening contactor
a timed relay for the power management of my lock.
From my research, I concluded that it should be done as follows:

Dissociate the inputs In1 and In2 from the outputs Out1 and Out2
Connect my NC opening contactor in In1
Leave In2 aside because not useful
Connect in Out1 the 2 wires which will manage my timed control relay.
Set the tempo of Output auto off to 2 because I only need a small pulse to control my time relay.
Under Jeedom I manage to order my lock by clicking on the widget of the automatically created Dashboard. I click on the cross « On exit 1 » and my lock is activated for a given time by my time relay.

However I do not have any feedback on the state of In1, I open and close the door but nothing changes.

Can you help me with my project?

I remain at your entire disposal.


So your NC Opening contactor is connected between In1 and Ground, right ?

Screenshot from 2020-06-18 19-05-54

Do you have configured parameter 20 to Normally Closed ?

As your lock is only opened during 0.2s, may be input 1 do not have time to see the state change.

May be, parameter 150 (Input 1 Sensitivity) and parameter 152 (Input 1 delay of alarm cancellation) can help.