English translation


I have been using Jeedom for almost 3 years (in English) only and I noticed some misspelling, Frenglish, or even mixed French/English components.

I believe Jeedom is great product, especially because the community is pretty significant.
And it could even be better if when I switch to another language, it is fully translated to this language.

If you need anything to be translated, please let me know.


English translations are coming from this file :

You can check and modify then make a pull request if it’s needed.

You can also add what is missing of course

Thank you, I will have a look!


I am writing a document with a description of missing translations and some suggestion for correction.
Do I open a new topic or I send it to an administrator directly?

Thank you

Better do a PR directly on github. I fear nobody will copy paste your work otherwise.

There is no reason to make any PR on github for translation, Loic indicated that nobody have to change these translation file : https://github.com/jeedom/core/pull/1579#issuecomment-708201362
A robot will erase automaticaly all translation.Meaning that Jeedom believes that a robot is better in translation than a native speaker.

Thanks for your comment but you’re wrong.

I advise people to make PRs there because translation site for the core is private for now so I can grab translations from PR and report it on the good site. Thank you

Otherwise the PR from your link is not translations reviews.