DuckDNS Plugin "Too Many Requests" errors due to cron15 function

The duckdns plugin has a cronjob to update the DNS every 15 minutes.
This causes a « 429 Too Many Requests » http error. Is there the option to change the cron15 to crondaily to avoid this problem? I think this would be more than enough.
While writing this message it came to my mind that I could actually deactivate the cron15 at all and only trigger an IP update if the IP actually changes, something I already have a script for.

Anyway, I would like to know if the cron configuration for a plugin can be changed manually.
Thank you.

look at this

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Hi. Thank you.
I was not really referring on how to configure a cron job or the cron wizard but if the plugin settings could be changed.

See screenshot [cron15 - Yes - Activate]. Could this be changed to daily?



So it’s actually the dyndns plug-in and not duckdns.

I added the tag on the post to clearly identify the plug-in related to the question, please do not forget it in the futur.

Here the same question (in French)

About plug-in crons, generally speaking it cannot be adapted by end-user (you) unless explicitly foreseen in the plug-in.
Concretely for this plug-in you cannot change the frequency, as you find yourself, the best solution for you is to deactivate the cron and create a scenario to refresh on demand or with custom schedule.

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Ok, got it. Thank you.

The dyndns plugin use the cron15 to verify every 15 minutes if the IP address has changed. If the address has not changed, no update is send to the DDNS server. A change is only sent if adress ghas changed.
Please note, there was an update to the plugin today.